MOVING through fear

  • I have just joined in here, because I need some support. I have been told that the pain I have been suffering with for the past 18 years was not necessary and there was no reason for it and that it is simply a muscle imbalance not genetic malformation of my spine as I was told. AMAZING news, my husband says I should be happy and I am! I have ridden he roller coaster of emotions and received treatment that is very painful to help relieve the "new" pain that was created by trying to protect myself form the "old" pain but is inflaming the "old" pain and creating new new pains and migraine headaches......feeling a little crazy, sad, mad, but mostly very afraid. I realized I have come to define myself by my lack of abilities(caused by pain) and that if there was "no reason" for the pain who am I? I had resigned myself to a life with pain and I feel overwhelmed by trying to gain my life back. I have to go through MORE pain to get back to that life and I don't feel strong enough to do it on my own. So thank you for having a place where I can share my journey and understand I am not alone. Trying to find my way through the maze of fear and pain. I have created some plans to try to help me MOVING forward that I said I would share here. Everyday goals -2L water, 20 min walk, 15 min stretch, salad for lunch. I will post here about my journey through my fear.

  • Hi @ptink, we're glad that you found us and are so honest and open about sharing your story. Please know that you are not alone—we hear stories like yours often. It is really good that you have found the root cause of your pain. We're excited to hear your new discoveries as you go through this journey. We're sure that you CAN do it—even though you feel afraid, know that it's totally normal. But it sounds like you are on the right track to lessening your fear.

    We often like to celebrate our "small victories"—for example, you might not have done the vacuuming but you swept the kitchen today. It sounds like you are doing the same with your goals. Good on you for recognizing this! It sounds like you are adjusting your routine based on your needs and body—making it work for you, that's great!

    Please let us know if we can offer you any resources or answer some questions beyond this forum. Our Live Plan Be website and Pain BC website have tons of resources for all kinds of questions. Take care.

  • today. Scared. didn't stretch or eat salad for lunch...LOL seems meaningless. readjusted to separate walking and stretching so I can claim some success. walking is less scary. adjusted salad to with/for dinner or lunch to make easier. Drank my water though.

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