I keep thinking "I gotta just move!"

  • I can actually feel when I am not being active enough--things seem worse and I feel like my muscles seize up. It's hard to get myself to do it, but I know I always feel better if I just move! I see my Dad who lives with pain have more and more difficulty getting out of his seat or out of the car. I am going to ask him to go for short walks with me a few times a week. I hope he'll say yes!

  • Today I used "Pomodoro technique" which is working for 25 minutes, then taking a 5 minute break, then working another 25, break for 5, and after three of those 25 minute periods, taking a long break. Each time I take a five minute break I have to get up and move out of my seat. Sometimes all I do is go get a glass of water, other times I stretch, but because it's on my computer i get an automatic reminder to TAKE A BREAK and so I do it. To me it's the moving about that's making a real difference and not just to my body, but also my brain! I'm a bit fresher and can concentrate a bit more.

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