MOH treatment for chronic daily headaches

  • I am an 82 year old male who has endured headaches all my life. As a young man I had occasional severe classic migraines, but they disappeared and were replaced by chronic daily headaches for over 50 years now. While the daily headaches were not debilitating like my migraines were, they gnaw away. ranging from 6-9 on my pain system. a 10 means I just lie in bedunble to move. A 6-9 I carry on with my life as normal just in pain. 10 years ago I gradually upped my oxycontin dosage to 160 mg a day plus a fentanyl patch. Didn’t help anymore so I weaned myself off 5mg every 2 weeks till I got off all opioids over 6 months. But then restarted tramadol slow release ( durela). I have been taking 200 mg daily plus 2-6 Tylenol 1 or 2 (codeine). Headaches still relentless . The American migraine association website has suggested I am suffering MOH or medication overuse headaches or rebound headaches.
    Google. ‘American migraine association MOH’ . For explanation of MOH

    If I am suffering from MOH, is it just the codeine causing the problem or tramadol? Does tramadol equally cause rebounds?

    I decided to detox, again, and I am now free of codeine for 2 weeks and feel better. headaches now 2-3 . With CBD oil .A friend gave me a bottle of CBD oil and I have taken 1mg daily with some relief over these first 3days.but I am not sure it is just the elimination of codeine or the CBD oil I started taking that has brought relief. Should have stuck with just one intervention at a time .

    Looking for fellow sufferers of chronic daily headaches and any MOH sufferers who have had successes and CBD Oil successes


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