Encourage your MLAs/candidates to take action for the 2017 election!

  • On May 9, 2017, British Columbians will be heading to the polls for our next provincial general election. What does this have to do with chronic pain? Elections are the perfect opportunity to let candidates know about the kinds of issues, ideas, and needs that their constituents face – and chronic pain impacts more than 20% of our province!

    This is a crucial time for us to mobilize and raise our voices about chronic pain, because elections are the best time to ask for candidates’ support if they get elected. At our Provincial Pain Summit in February, Pain BC heard a clear call for a Provincial Pain Strategy to tackle the unique challenges of those with chronic pain. We want to ensure the treatment, support, and services are put in place to relieve this burden, but this can’t be done without the proper funding and government support. You can help too!

    We’re reaching out to MLAs and candidates to ask them to support this Provincial Pain Strategy and to ask them to ensure that proper pain care is available in local communities. We’re urging you to support this call by asking your candidates the following two questions:

    1. Will you support the creation of a Provincial Pain Strategy to transform how pain is understood and treated in our province?
    2. Will you advocate to ensure that our health authority develops and implements (or expands) a regional pain program to ensure that pain care is available in our local communities?

    How do I take action?

    There are a few ways in which you can do this: reaching out on social media, talking to candidates, writing them letters, and more! We have letter templates and all you need to get started on the Pain BC website.

    By raising our voices, together we can change pain in BC! Click here to get started and let us know what you're doing!

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