Supporting my friend after breakup

  • Hey, my best friend broke up with his girlfriend and is in a severe depression now. Actually, I had a crush on this guy and am very happy for their breakup as I came to know that this girl is not that good. I want to change his mood and make him happy as in the old days. I am planning to take him for a trip so that his mind will get refreshed. But, he says that it will not do any good for him. I think I should seek some professional help and take him to a psychologist in Toronto so that he will be able to recover easily.
    Is there anybody over here who had a break-up? What did you guys do in order to recover from it? Please share some suggestions.

  • Hey thanks for sharing that. My friend is also going through a similar condition.

  • Hi @annerichardson, sorry to hear that your friend is not doing well. Breakups can be really difficult.

    There is a lot of information out there for people who are going through a breakup. This article goes through the science of breakups and a list of 14 tips that you could share with your friend. Psychology Today also has a list of suggestions.

    But if your friend is depressed or you suspect that he is depressed, it is very important that you encourage him to seek professional help. If he will not listen to you or you're not sure how to talk to him, it might be helpful for you to call Ontario's mental health help line: for advice (or get him to contact them, if he is willing).

    And of course, you should be there for him—support him, listen to him as best you can. Take care.

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