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  • The reason why video games are singled out because they do not contribute to the dems or reps much like runescape gold other forms of media do and if we remember how much Hillary and Obama raised from Hollywood? millions if not billions and they wouldnt dare speak out against those but video games do not care for politics much instead its a model of entertainment whereas films and music often times have hidden messages.

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    I don think that we should ignore our issues and not try to improve our country just because of our pride. But, I do believe pride in one country is a good, and important thing. I think it helps bring us together if we can all be prideful in the main thing we have in common.

    Of course cities and small towns won have the same interests. The point of a democracy isn to give equal weight to all interests; it to give equal weight to all people.

    Using your child example, imagine you had a kid who studied very hard for a test, and ended with a C. I proud of my child, but I can still want better for them. That all I saying. Pride doesn mean being ignorant to your issues.They were not killed with kindness.) Violent video games have been around for 20+ years with a huge following. If video games really had an impact, we would be in a world of trouble. literally.

    I been a gamer since I was 7 and not once have I done anything physically to hurt others because I understand fiction from reality. Perhaps they need to focus on the fact that the average IQ is 105 and there should be IQ limits as to who can and cannot watch certain films, listen to certain music or play certain video games. If you IQ is very close to 80

    It is an interesting topic for sure. I will try to keep this short. are they resulting in growing violence, including gun related deaths? Actually I would like to see the numbers, I am not so sure that has increased all that much if at all, one thing that has grown in the last 20 years is our access to the media and information. But that isn to say a very small percentage hasn been influenced in some way.

    Look at what this ridiculous system has produced. A federal government completely captured by the small town agenda: racism, telling women what they can and can do with their bodies, and apologizing for sexual assault. Literally no federal branch of government represents the majority of voting Americans. They all represent the minority. Our federal government is the tyranny of the minority.
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