Anyone had any experience with glaucoma..!!

  • Hi, I'm residing in Toronto. I really need some help now. It has been a few days I'm noticing that my vision has blurred. It's becoming difficult to get a clear image of objects. Sometimes I feel an extreme headache and pain in my eyes. I read that these all are the symptoms of glaucoma. But I didn't hear someone went for glaucoma treatment or any other eye treatments like cataracts in my family. There is no such history in our family. So, that's what makes me confused, whether it is glaucoma actually. I hope it won't be.
    But I need to confirm it, so I'm planning to make an appointment with an eye specialist around my area. I found several centres providing treatment for glaucoma. But before going to them, I would like to know what you guys think about my situation. What I have are the symptoms of Glaucoma actually? Please share your thoughts on it.

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