Yoga training to ease my first delivery!

  • Hii, I'm three months pregnant and a little overweight. I want to deliver my baby naturally, though it is painful. One of my friends opted cesarian over the vaginal delivery as she was afraid of the pain! But I've seen her in trouble due to back pain, that too after years of delivery! Unfortunately due to my increased blood pressure, for me, it is almost impossible to have my baby through vaginal delivery! I'm kind of disappointed now. I'm on a healthy diet now(guided by my doc) to lose my weight. He has agreed on me to try the possibilities of natural delivery if I could lose my weight. I know a woman shouldn't be depressed or sad during her pregnancy period, it'll affect the baby inside. And I'm trying to be happy, but still, I worry thinking about all these. My hubby has discussed everything with one of his friends(he is a nurse). He has suggested me to do baby yoga.I've consulted a few agencies in Toronto who are providing genuine baby yoga trainers. I'm not sure how genuine is their testimonials!! I guess baby yoga is something great and it may work for me to balance my BP. It can help to increase the mobility in the pelvis and to learn breathing techniques etc.I've read a few articles on baby yoga, explaining it's advantages procedures, impacts on pregnant ladies etc. And the challenge is to get the best baby yoga trainers! If you could help me to find a good company for the same, it'd be a big help for me. Also If any of you have undergone baby yoga during your pregnancy, please share your experience.
    Many thanks!

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