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  • Location objectives typically involve killing the fort leaders, looting chests, and burning war supplies. If you finish each these objectives, you are going to earn about precisely the exact same amount of experience points as you would at a mission whilst getting a lot of new gear and materials.

    MMOGDP is not the first game in the series to have an RPG leveling platform -- Origins needed a comparable setup last year -- but it is incredibly important in MMOGDP. How significant? If you do not actively find ways to earn experience points, then you'll fall far behind and have a very hard, if not impossible, time finishing the narrative. So, in the spirit of assisting you through the grind, we have assembled a leveling guide that should hopefully remove some of your difficult instances in Ancient Greece.

    If you open your map, you will notice that each land mass has a level recommendation. The lowest level places, where you start, are under ten, while a few areas go up to the mid-40s and even 50. Remember that although the loot is much better in harder areas, you are not likely to survive for very long if you go exploring while severely under-leveled. Including sailing your boat near high-level locations, as enemy ships will mirror the level of enemies .

    Within our MMOGDP review we highlighted that you won't have the ability to sustain progression from just completing story missions, particularly if you get deeper into the game. On several occasions, there are four-plus level jumps between story assignments. This usually means that you will not be able to snap through MMOGDP. We advocate keeping up with all the required level of the missions if not one or two greater. Bear in mind that some mainline assignments see a gain in level if you pass the first amount. That is OK, though, since this doesn't affect future mission recommended amounts.

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