What did you think of the Summit?

  • Pain BC’s 2017 Provincial Pain Summit took place February 17-19. Over 2 and a half days, we heard powerful stories from people living with pain, had meaningful conversations, and used creative methods to encourage discussion and develop action plans.

    We left the Summit with a lot of work to do. People who were at the Summit made 10 commitments to improve lives of people living with pain, in part through improving the health care system so it better serves people in pain.

    1. Better allied health training
    2. Pain Program at VCH
    3. Opioid/medication stewardship
    4. Billing codes for chronic pain
    5. Strategy for public reframing of opioid use for addiction and pain
    6. Working towards a Provincial Pain Agency
    7. Self-management in all BC communities
    8. A unified approach to chronic pain education in primary care
    9. Trauma-informed care integrated into pain programs
    10. Early intervention, starting in communities

    More details will be released in a few weeks as we complete our formal report of the Summit.

    We are also in talks with the BC Ministry of Health; the Summit generated a lot of support and increased understanding among senior decision makers in health care and they are keen to create a provincial pain strategy for BC. Stay tuned as this develops!

    What so you think about these 10 commitments?

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