Chronic Fatigue

  • Is anyone out there struggling with chronic fatigue? I can deal with my pain, but when fatigue hits, I'm done.

    I went to the Provincial Pain Summit this past weekend and lasted less than a day. I had forgotten how much energy I expend when I participate in a brain storming session. By 4pm, I had double vision, I struggled to understand what people were saying and I felt like I was slurring my words. I went home straight to bed, woke up with a migraine, then tried to attend the second day. I didn't make it past a couple of hours. And this week was spent sleeping 2-3 hours every afternoon.

    Nothing like a reality check to bring you down. Oh well, back to acceptance and pacing...

  • @KarenH said:

    struggling with chronic fatigue
    This is reality for many of those who suffer from the disease most know as "chronic fatigue syndrome".
    CBD gives a greater feeling of well being; it feels good and natural,

  • @Jess87 thanks for the kind words. I know this will get better. I just spent this week writing a 4 page summary of my chronic pain and fatigue for my doctor's files. Nothing like going over all the negatives in your life! But the one thing I realized is that I always need quiet time in the afternoon. My brain needs a break. So right now that means long naps. In a month or so, I hope to be back to one hour rest periods (daydreaming?).

    Fatigue is definitely a different kettle of fish compare to chronic pain. No pills for fatigue. But exercise slowly builds up stamina.

  • Hi @KarenH, I am sorry you had to leave your event early. I completely understand your feeling of 'fatigue.' I battle fatigue every day. Even just going out for a few hours leaves me wiped and usually requiring a nap. I am stuck too. I struggle to manage my fatigue better because when I am left wiped and then I end up occurring an even worse headache than normal. You're not alone. It's a challenge, but all my therapists say that if you slowly keep pushing yourself then you're body will build up more resistance. Everyone tells me to be patient -- which is the last thing I want to hear -- but I am slowly starting to realize that it'll help in the long run. You know your body, maybe try to push the boundaries a little, but not to the point that you're left debilitated and wiped. Best of luck! :)

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  • Hi @KarenH, we're sure that lots of people with chronic pain can relate to your story. Sorry to hear that you had to leave the Summit early—but we are glad that you were in tune with your needs and got home safely and rested. Did you take a few minutes to rest in our Comfort Room? We hope that you enjoyed the time that you were at the Summit.

    It really sounds like you are on the right track when it comes to self-management of your fatigue—acceptance and pacing are key. We enjoy this article from the Arthritis Foundation that talks about causes of fatigue in people with pain and gives some tips for "self care for fatigue." Take care.

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