Pain after wisdom tooth extraction

  • I had my wisdom tooth extracted last month and it didn't pained at all for the first couple of hours except for the slight numb I felt on my jaw. I didn't feel good that night and the small pain was catching on. I called up the dentist in Kitchener where I had my extraction done. He told me to take ibuprofen 800mgs. I felt better soon. Recently I got a teeth bridge near to the wisdom tooth. this was an alternative solution to the implant which I didn't the time and patience to undergo. The bridge was placed in 3 sessions and I was good to go. It didn't feel good in the mouth. The doctor warned me about a mild discomfort, it started to the pain I used the same ibuprofen I had but this time it didn't work at all. Next day I had to go to the doctor again. He checked and everything was good. If at all it pains I can have the ibuprofen but not more than one. Does this pain happen after bridging? For a week it didn't pain until last week it pained for one full night.

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