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  • Hello,

    My name is Shannon O'Neail and I am really hoping that you can help point me in the right direction.

    I had a surgery when I was 2 days old due to a fully blocked duodenum. The surgery saved my life.

    Unfortunately, since then I have had chronic pain in the area where the episodes of significant pain and nausea occur. When I was a teenager, I was introduced to cannabis. It allowed me to manage my day to day symptoms, but not a flare up that lasted longer than 3 days.

    When I was around 20 and living in Halifax, I had an endoscopy performed. They found an accessory pancreatic duct and a diverticulum in my duodenum about 2 inches deep. Since then, I have been managing my pain as well as possible and have had a decent quality of life. I eat small meals, I drink a lot of water, I don't drink alcohol or coffee, I have a small step-stool in front of my toilet etc... I have used Gravel and Benadryl for bad flare ups.

    About 6 years ago, I had another endoscopy because they didn't have the test results from Halifax available. They found the same thing as the previous endoscopy and never found the cause of the bleed. I continued and managing the best that I could.

    Since the bleed, I have had more and more episodes of intense pain and nausea. The daily pain is getting significantly worse and unmanageable. I have now been unable to work for over two years and have been fully disabled and unable to do basic tasks on a daily basis for over 6 months.

    I now have had another endoscopy performed with the same findings. This time, the diverticulum is significantly longer with another forming where my two pancreatic ducts connect to the duodenum.

    All the specialists I have seen are very intelligent and capable. That being said, none of them have ever seen anything like my unique anatomy.

    I am hoping that you can help me obtain information within the community. My hope is that someone has seen something like this or has any ideas on what they or I can do to help my situation.

    I have an amazing fiancée supporting me and I would love to have his children, to work, and to not feel like a parasite.

    Please help me find a pain medication that doesn't upset my stomach(oxycodone, Tylenol), make me feel high and anxious like hydromorphone or cause bleeding like all anti inflammatory medications I have tried.

    Please help!!! We would be forever in your debt!!

    Person in pain...

  • Hi @Gremlin051, thank you so much for reaching out and being bold and honest in sharing your journey living with chronic pain.

    Unfortunately, we aren't qualified to give medical advice here on the Forum. It sounds like you have seen some specialists, but have you seen a pain specialist? There might be a wait time but we would really recommend that you see a pain specialist so they can try to answer some of the questions you have about medication. If you live in the Vancouver area you could seek a referral to the ChangePAIN Clinic while you wait for the specialist appointment.

    To find a pain specialist, our volunteers at our Connect for Health services would be happy to talk to you in more detail about finding a pain doctor in your area. They would also be able to give you some tips and supports for your community/support needs and answer your questions on your work situation. The People in Pain Network also has a list of great support groups for people in pain.

    Please contact our Connect for Health line:

    Call us 24 hours at one of the numbers below (leave a message at any time, night or day)
    Toll-free: 1-844-430-0818

    Complete a self-referral form.


    Take care, and let us know if we can give you any more advice. Please also browse our Live Plan Be website for articles and tips.

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