ADHD Problem

  • I have never approached anyone with this problem because I never felt there was a problem. My son is in seventh grade. His scores in class tests and exams were low. I was called to school many times regarding this. I always see him trying hard to study and I didn't know what to do. He was doing his best and he wouldn't allow me to help him because it made him feel that he had a problem with studying. The main factor was he never opened up to me, so I couldn't guess what was bothering him. Then a friend of mine told he might be suffering from ADHD, I had no idea about until I showed him to a doc When the result got so bad I decided to take him to an ADHD coaching in Toronto. He opened up to the doc after a couple of sessions. He told how he found it difficult to concentrate on studies even though he tried hard. He showed significant improvement when given personal attention. I started supporting him with the advice from the teachers in coaching centers. Now with the finals coming, he has improved a lot.

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