Unbearable pain after wisdom tooth extraction

  • This started out with me having issues with a back wisdom tooth because it was loose and causing me pain, I put it off way too long and finally noticed it throbbing and keeping me up at night, along with soreness in my jaw. That's when I called my dentist and he asked me to come in. After taking an x-ray of the tooth and examining the area he said it's best to pull it out so I agreed for a wisdom tooth extraction. He also told the procedure would be over quickly because the tooth was receding and loose. The tooth was removed in less than 3 minutes. He told I will be having some pain so he gave me an Ibuprofen. The prescribed dosage did give me relief for some time. Is it safe to increase the dosage without the consent of the doctor? I called up the doc and he told me to increase it slightly. The pain is bearable now but after a few hours is it okay to increase the dosage above what doc has said?

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