What do you think about this trustee services for bankruptcy proposal ?

  • Hey,
    My friend is a member of share marketing and invested a lot of money in the stock market. He asked me to join in this stock market, but I refused to do so. I'm not interested in these kinds of stuff.
    Last day I received a phone call from him. He was really in a pathetic situation. I doubt, he has reached a stage of depression.
    He lost all the investments and also facing a huge debt. I asked him not to worry and there will be some solution to his problem.
    I searched for various options to recover from his debt. He is already having several loans which he took to invest in the stock market.
    Finally, I found this licensed insolvency trustee services for bankruptcy proposal. I think this would be a better solution for him. Does anyone here have any idea about this? Please do share your experience.

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