I just lost my husband before our baby comes out.

  • Nothing was very heartbreaking for a pregnant woman like me than receiving a call from a nurse informing me that my husband just had a car accident and was barely breathing. Just before I get inside my dad’s car, I heard my mom sobbing at the shotgun seat. I was afraid to ask her what’s wrong. She just turned to me while shaking her head no. I knew what she meant but my heart and mind wouldn’t want to absorb it.

    My dear husband just died and he won’t be able to see our baby come out. It was really really painful. He was a noble man, but why him? He loved everything in me. He showed to me that loving me is certainly one of his missions in this world. He was the man I always dreamed to be with until I grow older. Sadly, it won’t happen anymore. And that is something I can’t seem to accept.

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