Diagnosed with OA

  • I’m diagnosed with osteoarthritis. My joints are killing me. I’m taking physiotherapy sessions weekly. My physiotherapist suggested me to try strengthening exercises since strengthening exercises help maintain and improve your muscle strength. One of my friends suggested me about medical cannabis for osteoarthritis pain. He asked me to take an appointment to get a prescription for cbd for pain from Manitoba I searched about it online and I’m surprised to see the positive reviews about the treatment. But I don’t think I’ll be comfortable with conventional smoking methods. Are the other options like oil as effective as vaping? Please let me know your thoughts.

  • Hi there, thanks for your question. It's hard to say whether CBD oil will guaranteed work as the experience of pain and the response to pain is so individualized. We have heard from many people in pain that find topical options such as creams and CBD oil helpful, however we have also heard from some who do not. We recommend talking with a qualified health care provider before seeking treatment options.

    We also recently held a live discussion forum where a clinical pharmacist touched on the use of cannabis for pain, so please check there for more insight. We will be releasing a podcast in a few weeks time which will more thoroughly discuss cannabis for pain as well. You can check back in at Spreaker. or follow us on Facebook to be notified when the episode is released.

    We hope this helps.

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