Has anyone experienced acid reflux, cough/sore throat from taking cbd oil? not from smoking, just ingesting oil tincture

  • I've started taking CBD oil tincture a few weeks ago, and they were great for pain management, but I now have issues with acid reflux. In particular, I'm taking CannTrust CBD Drops (during day time), and CannTrust 1:1 Drops (at night). Would like to know if anyone else has this issue, and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • No, when I use it everything is fine. But you can try to find a solution on cannasos.com

  • Hi there, please take a look at our recent forum as a clinical pharmacist provides some insight into your specific question there.

  • Yes, I have well experienced in CBD products, Since 3 years I am having it as medicine and I am feeling wonderful after use it. So, I can share a link of CBD Vape Genius Pinterest page with you, See more details with the help of pictures and images. Thanks for All things.

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