Anyone use CBD oil for pain relief?

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  • @harvey yes that's right. The CBD oil is very helpful for Arthritis Pain. CBD can be taken as a liquid, a tincture, in capsules, or applied topically. i used to take CBD oil capsule once a day for 3 Months and got releif from Arthritis pain.

  • Living with the chronic pain whole life is surely very difficult. My Doctor suggested me to have a CBD Oil Capsules twice a week. And I must say, within 2 months I got such a pain relief. CBD oil is the best for pain relief!

  • I have been reading so much about CBD oil. Mostly good. cannabinoids are absorbed through your skin and provide relief and well-being into your muscles.

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  • We can also use CBD OIL for:

    Cancer pain
    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
    Low back pain
    Multiple sclerosis pain
    Neuropathic pain
    Temporomandibular disorder

  • @harvey I'm using CBD Oil 1:20 and it is not touching the pain in my lower back where the bottom 4 or 5 discs have severe facet arthropathy (degeneration and arthritis). I have NO PAIN when laying down but severe pain when standing. I cannot stand for more than 30-60 seconds without leaning on something or someone or finding the closest chair to sit on!!

  • @elenoram I am using CBD Oil 1:20 to decrease inflammation and control pain. I think it is working on the inflammation (my CRP reading is decreasing) but I have severe arthritis in my lower spine and the CBD 1:20 is not touching that pain. I can only stand for a maximum of 60 seconds without having to lean on something.

  • I do use it for pain management as well but you have to make sure that the concentration is higher than with basic CBD used for relaxation, well being in general. For Pain realief I would definitely recommend to use full-spectrum CBD with higher concentration - Some brands such as Vida Plus also offer different ranges of concentration which is great to adjust dosage over time! CW hemp is also well known for the quality of their product but whatever you choose make sure those are tested in a 3rd party lab and are organic products with natural ingredients only1

  • I would definitely suggest the CBD Oil for your arthritis pain. Me and my mother have been using it for the past 3 years for our back and joint pain respectively. It's no problem if you live in a non legal state you can order CBD with low or no THC in it from any good brand out their. If you need any suggestions on brand let me know.
    Don't hesitate to try it because I'm sure you'll definitely love CBD Oil.

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