Ask a Pharmacist Anything: September 24, 2018

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    1. Finding a good pharmacist is a very worthwhile goal, for all the reasons just described in the response to the first question! It can be helpful to ask friends and relatives who have health care needs, and attitudes toward their health care, that are similar in some ways to your own. If they are happy with their pharmacist(s), they will be willing to recommend them to you.
      Also consider any personal preferences, e.g. if you are more comfortable talking with a pharmacist who is of the same gender or in your own age group.
      Many people have used this approach successfully to locate a good family doctor, and it applies just as well to pharmacists. The advantage you have with pharmacists is that they are always able to take on new patients, and a good one will always find a time to talk with you later if they are very busy when you are at the pharmacy.

  • How do I find a good pharmacist?

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    1. Pharmacists can help their clients with pain in several ways.
      a. When dispensing a new medication, they can ensure that you understand how to use it properly e.g. prescribed dose and best time(s) to take it, any special instructions for different dosing forms, most common side effects and how to manage, etc.
      b. The pharmacist can also help by giving advice on non-prescription medications that may be helpful and safe for you to use in combination with your prescription medications.
      c. If you develop problems that concern you, that you think may be medication related, the pharmacist can help you with advice, either something that can easily be adjusted or suggestions on how to discuss a possible change in medication with your doctor.
      d. Pharmacists can also do medication reviews, a sit-down session with you to review all your medications, any problems you may be having with them and how much benefit you feel you are getting from them. The pharmacist can then make recommendations directly to your doctor, or advise you about questions you can ask on your next visit.

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    Hello, everyone, I'm happy to be here and ready to do my best at answering your questions about medications, pharmacies and pharmacists.

  • Welcome Terri! We're very thrilled to have you on today's Ask the Expert live forum discussion. Let's get started. Here's a question that was submitted to us in advance: besides dispensing medications, what can a pharmacist do for a person in pain?

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