Activity Management Tips

  • Re: I keep thinking "I gotta just move!"

    Hey LPB community! We've recently posted an article on Live Plan Be about movement. Hopefully it helps you with your movement goals as you track them on Live Plan Be's Self-Assessment and Action Plan tools.

    Read the article here.

    Haven't done a self-assessment yet? Go to "Manage My Pain" at the top right of this page. Sign in to your Live Plan Be account, and create your own Self-Assessment and Action Plan.

    Action Plan:

    What are your movement goals? How are you working towards achieving them?

  • We've also got a whole section on paced activities to help you reach your movement goals. We've partnered with the Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability ( to bring you some webinars that could help, including this one on exercising and chronic pain.

    Check out our other resources on activities on Live Plan Be! Then "check-in" on your Action Plan and track your progress under our "Manage My Pain" tab.

    If you like, you can let us know here on the Forum how you are doing. If you are running into challenges, do not feel discouraged - it can take time.

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