Controlling Pain Flare-Ups

  • Pain flare-ups can come on unexpectedly. There are a wide range of things that can lead to flare-ups.

    We have a recent article on Live Plan Be with advice on how to control pain flare-ups. In 2016 we hosted an Ask the Expert event on prevention, planning, and troubleshooting flare-ups.

    Tell us your experience with flare-ups and what coping techniques work for you.

  • Hi @liketobeactive56, thank you for your honesty. It sounds like you have found a routine that works for you when you have a flare-up. We also really appreciate your optimism - good to look forward rather than at what's behind. Take care.

  • This is today, I say...I have a cry, talk with my spouse then use pain relief to get through the day and evening. Evenings are the worst and seem to be longer than the day. next day I look at it as a new start rather than be afraid of a repeat of the previous day.

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