Any workaround here for getting Adobe products??

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about how I can get Adobe Illustrator 10 to recognize the Thai script input method [the little flag pulldown menu in the top of the menu bar that is configured from System Preferences>International>Input Menu]

    I was waiting forever for Mac OSX to support the Thai input method and when 10.2 Jaguar showed up it finally had Thai language support and I thought I had it figured out. The problem seems to be that the 10.2 implementation of the Thai input method uses Unicode for the input script, while all of Adobe's products don't recognize Unicode input scripts. When I'm in Adobe products I see the Thai flag in the pulldown menu but it is grayed out and disabled. When I switch back to an Apple application, like TextEdit, the flag is active and I can type in Thai no problem. If I try to cut-and-paste the Thai into Illustrator it comes over as ASCII junk.

    Any workaround here for getting Adobe products to see the Thai input method?

    Please help.

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    Thank you.

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