Playing this City Mafia outing also grants Lincoln new outfits

  • Clay clears out the den with the help of a Magnum and shotgun. Both weapons feel powerful and impressive. A single shot won't necessarily kill an enemy, but it will incapacitate them—giving Clay the choice to move in for a melee takedown. After a lengthy shootout, the mob are relieved of their drug den.

    This game continues upon the original legacy of strategy based browser games and incorporates all the elements of gameplay in addition to providing a beautiful looking and highly interactive user interface.

    “He has a relationship with Leo, who you may remember from Mafia 2,” says Bill Harms, number three’s lead writer. “He kicks up to [The Commission] but they pretty much give him carte blanche to run the city however he sees fit. The one thing that they do ask of him is that he basically accepts anyone they send him, so it’s kind of a dumping ground for mobsters which is also how Vito ends up there.”

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