What is on your holiday wish list?

  • The holidays are fast approaching. Do you have a holiday wish list? Pain goals?

    Let us know by replying below.

    If you're finding the holidays challenging, please check out our post on our Connect for Health program.

  • @ReenieG Thanks so much for sharing. It's good to hear that you have done what is best for you, given the hard year you both have had. We really admire your strength and ability to say no when you need to. Best wishes!

  • @Forum_Moderator My husband and I have decided to 'skip' Christmas this year. February will be 3 years since the MVA and it has been such a struggle this year. We are both exhausted and tired. As I get off over the holidays, we are leaving it open to do OUR thing. This is such a rarity and we will protect it. We have not decorated; we have not done our baking (Costco did it this year) and we have simplified - taking the stress of the season off of our shoulders. We both feel so good about this. The plan is to go driving to enjoy the Christmas light displays in our area but overall to relax and gear up for the coming year.

    Our biggest lesson in these years has been to put US first and not allow others to come into the mix - we are learning to say no when we need to.

    Wishing you all the season that is right for you, in your circumstance.

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