How can I make my dad say yes?

  • My mom is very fond of dancing and since I was a little girl, she used to enroll me into dancing tutorials. Somehow, I learned to love dancing too. In school, I am one of the cheerleading team. That was before I got into an incident. I lost balance while I am on top. It made me fell to the ground real hard. I had been confined for almost a month because of that. My dad never let me join cheer dances since; it has been one year now. One week ago, our choreographer asked me to be back on the team. There is an upcoming competition internationally and I was tempted to join. My teammates are so excited to win free tour to another country if they will make it to first place. I really love to but I doubt it if my dad will allow me. I understand that he doesn’t want the same incident to happen again but dancing is my passion. How can I make him say yes? I miss dancing so much!

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