Alternative drug that works for me. Tramacet.

  • Lasts many hours and non constipating. (which codeine is)
    I'm trying to stay away from NSAIDS. I hate the thought of using medication. There is no med without a side effect. I am juggling meds all the time . I try and co-ordinate meds with activities ( we all must stay active or the pain is worse: demonstrated by getting out of bed in the morning!)

  • Hi @with-or-without-ouch, we're glad to hear that you have found a medication that is working well for you and that fits your lifestyle. We agree that it is good to stay active—we had an Ask the Expert event a few weeks ago about pain flare-ups. Krista Friesen encouraged everyone to "learn our baselines" in order to minimize flare-ups. You can read the entire conversation here.

    Do other LPB users have other experiences they would like to share?

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