CDC just says no to opioid prescriptions for chronic pain

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    You suffer from chronic pain, not acute. A long term prescription for acute pain doesn't make any sense, so I find that fairly reasonable (as a guideline). The bigger issue is what will be done with chronic pain. I find the view that opioids for chronic pain are problematic in part because increasing tolerance means increasing dosages are needed (which also increases the danger if the legal source is ever cut off) to be reasonable.
    My aforementioned family member with chronic pain and a previous opioid addiction has tried to address this by not staying on any one kind of opioid for too long, aside from minimizing usage as much as possible. This has seemed to help (and if it helped twice, this anecdote would be data!) both with keeping it effective and preventing dependence. However most of their doctors have fought them on this, not for any medical reason they articulated but because as a previous addict they think it's just shopping around for the best drugs.

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