Marginalization between Welfare and Disability

  • People with severe and chronic conditions and diseases related to chronic pain should never be forced to rely on welfare without some type of disability designation.

    In BC, there's basic income assistance, where you're given 610$ a month with the ability to make only $200 more on top of that, before they cut into your assistance.

    Then there's PPMB, so that if you're unable to be approved for disability status, you have to wait a year on basic welfare just to be able to make $500 on top of the 610$ per month.

    Why is this our system? Why should anyone be forced to fight so hard just to stay under the poverty line? Why is it so difficult to get on disability and why is there no representation or designation for those who are severely challenged in some way other than a clearly defined disability?

    I want to change this system, and if you have any ideas or want to join my cause, let me know.

  • Hi @JakeTheElephant and @Victoria66, We hear you! Living in poverty makes living with pain so much harder. There are a number of anti-poverty organizations that are working on advocacy to try to raise welfare and disability benefit rates in BC.

    You can also contact our Connect for Health program to ensure you are getting access to all the financial supports you are eligible for, or contact the Disability Alliance of BC which has some helpful fact sheets on this topic.

  • I have to agree with you. Life begins to change when one lives with chronic conditions such as myself. Since the 1990's I have been dealing with lumbar back pain and sciatic nerve pain, deeply affecting my daily living and my job. Having to apply for income assistance and only getting $610 a month is insane. In order to apply for disability you need to be on welfare first. The wait for disability is long and is even longer if it is denied and have to fight it. Yes, something really needs to change in our system!

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