2017 Summit Information

  • Pain BC will host the 2nd Provincial Pain Summit from February 17–19, 2017, and we want to hear from you!

    Your feedback through this survey will inform priority themes, discussion topics, and the overall design of the summit program. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and contributing to the success of this event. For more information about the summit, please visit: www.painbc.ca/summit.

    You can give your feedback by taking the survey. The survey will close November 15.

  • Our Pain Summit is only a few weeks away! We've added detailed information on each of the five themes mentioned above on our event page.

    Our Executive Director, Maria Hudspith, talks about the Summit in the latest episode of our Pain Waves podcast. Listen here.

    Register now for our 2017 Summit.

  • Thank you to all who participated in the pre-summit survey. Based on the feedback, we'll be discussing the five following themes during the Summit:

    1. Primary Care: Increase the capacity of primary care providers to provide evidence-based pain assessment and management, including non-pharmacological approaches

    2. Vulnerable Populations: Enhance outcomes for people living with addictions, mental health issues and chronic pain

    3. Pharmacological Pain Management: Improve assessment, balance harms and benefits of medications, and advance appropriate pain management for patients across the continuum of care

    4. Pain in Rural BC: Expand access to pain management (pharmacological and non-pharmacological) services in rural and remote parts of the province

    5. Seniors in Pain: Improve pain assessment and management (pharmacological and non-pharmacological) for seniors

    People living with pain have a vital role in the #BCPainSummit. This is YOUR platform. Help us decide what the pain landscape will look like in the coming years. Register now!

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