I am calorifically confused...

  • I see posts from time to time talking about the body going into starvation mode, and implying that by eating less, you will put on more weight/lose less. I can't get my head around this.
    If we take for example an apple, which contains ( for the sake of argument, I have no idea how many and don't really care ) 1000 calories, and I eat it. I've consumed 1000 calories. Is the concept here that if I eat one of these every day, that my body will only consume, say, 300 of those calories, and ignore the rest? And that, if I ate one apple every other day, my body says, ZOMGSTARVING, and consumes 1000 calories every other day, so that over the course of a week, I've now intaken 3.5K calories rather than 2.1K based on eating an apple every day?
    The implication seems to be that by intaking less calories you stop the body doing, well, whatever it does, and therefore don't lose weight. I could follow this if the idea is that you starve/binge - and take in many more calories on the eating days, but surely if you consistently, every day, consume less calories than you burn by wandering about and slaving over a hot keyboard, you will lose weight, irrespective of whether you eat 0,1 or 20 meals per day.
    I typically only eat one meal a day, I don't generally snack, but if my stomach starts growling at me I go eat something. I'm not losing a lot of weight, mainly because of the exercise I'm doing, but my waistline is sure as hell decreasing. I've dropped four notches on my belt since Christmas.
    So can anyone explain this in a way that isn't outrageously counterintuitive?

    Any help will be apprecited.

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