Mental illness?

  • Hello,

    Erm. Don't want to start a fuss or anything.
    But; Do anyone else feel that perhaps labelling depression as 'mental health' or a 'mental illness' is not, perhaps, appriopiate or the best term to use?
    The first thing most people would think when the term 'mental health/ illness' is mentioned would think the sufferer is dangorous (Please note I'm not saying that they are) individuals who need to be avoided.
    Even, perhaps, people who may think they have the 'black dog' themselves may feel embaressed to come forward for help, or admit to anyone that they have the illness? Perhaps they don't want to be labelled as suffering from a mental illness?
    Perhaps a different term could be used?
    I think that, perhaps, it could help more people come to terms with the illness. Perhaps they wouldn't feel as embaressed if a different term was used?
    Opinions won't change over night. But perhaps that small step could become a leap for sufferess?

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