Caring my mother

  • It is really stressful when your dear one is suffering from a serious illness like cancer. My mother had breast cancer and we were able to diagnose it at the earliest. But the period in which the treatment was done was the tragic days in our life. After chemo started, she became so tired, had hair fall and she was so stressed out. Whenever I look at her face, I lose control and I start crying. I was so worried for her. I had a tough time in my office as well. I wasn’t able to do my job properly. I was always concerned about my mother who was alone at home those days. I couldn’t quit the job since we needed money for the treatment. Then my friends consoled me and told me to gain strength and help my mother. Because of my busy schedules, I had to hire a caregiver from a home health care in Toronto. She took great care of my mother. It was a great relief for us. She helped in her daily activities. She was a great company for my mother and was able to provide a mental as well as physical support. She was able to fight and survive cancer because of the care and love she received.

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