Should international sports events be boycotted?

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    I rarely hear people speak about the staggering environmental damage done by large sports events, like the Olympics or World Cup in soccer. I strongly believe environmental agencies need so start putting pressure on governments to cancel or reduce the frequency of such events.
    In some sports, such as ice hockey, the world cup is played every year. The first step would be to change these events to a four year schedule, such as in rugby, soccer, and cricket.
    I would eventually like to see the frequency of such events changed to every 10 years which will give each generation of athletes at least one chance to showcase their skills internationally. Such an initiative would also wake up the majority of the world wide population who is blind to the environmental doom we are all facing.
    The message would be "let's put these events on hold until we get our shit together", and the reaction could be "Wow, I didn't realize it was that serious."
    Infrequent sports events are not the only problem. Imagine for a moment the environmental harm done by the MLB where teams are transferred from city to city on jets several times per week, where uniforms are washed and given away, where tens of thousands of people drive to the stadiums, and where young irresponsible people become millionaires with excessive and wasteful life styles. An individual, such as myself, might think why do my personal efforts matter when emissions are wasted on such a scale.

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