Dishonest Sneaky Nurse Practioner

  • I was accepted by a NP ...who initially seemed to be on board. As the weeks progressed it became evident that she had bitten off more than she can chew. Add to this that when I shared personal negative experiences with whomever, she treated it like a gossip session sharing information about these people including how she treats them. After 2 extremely long "clarifying" meetings and 2 very long phone conversations ... Then another 1.5 meeting where she out of the blue brought up my pain meds and essentially starting treating me like I was in a court of law. All available records are in file for her to access, in addition she said she had spoken to my original GP and had got nothing from them. I asked her point blank ... "Is this about you covering your butt?" She hesitated but I have my own way of getting people to tell the truth (mother's eyes😉) and she confirmed that yes she was worried about her licence. She became agitated and her voice rose as people who feel threatened do. She also kept saying "your diagnosis has nothing to do with it! I said that I would do some research to provide her with the info she wanted. The next day again because she had failed to follow through, another long telephone conversation. About an hour later my stepdaughter returned from the pharmacy with only 1 renewal and 1/2 of another. I was very upset. I took the weekend to think the matter over. I made some phone calls and found out that she hadn't spoken to anyone in my former GP's office nor had she accessed my files. I decided to fire her. I can't have a liar as a GP or any care provider. That was last Monday a week ago. I have talked with her Supervisor who was absolutely no help. I haven't had a call back but I will be calling her tomorrow. I'm not going to stand for being mucked in with those that created this gong show around opiate meds. I'm even more disgusted that her answer was to simply exchange one opiate for another. There is nothing wrong with my dose. I'm 58 and after 40 years of misdiagnosis and negligence, and not until I flipped out on my GP for being negligent and continually misdiagnosising me, did I get my cat scan ... VOILA. It is because if an unattended break in my lumbar spine, left to become worse, that I was now in so much pain that nothing was working. After several different pain meds the only one that worked was Percocet/oxycodone. When I told him I have to take double to get no pain he opted for long acting OxyContin which in Canada is now OxyNeo. I was happy. I was not in pain, and though I couldn't return to my business, I could manage my day to day affairs without crying. I am beyond angry with this NP and even more so with a system that has made honest pain patients into criminals and have intentionally made it difficult for evidentially proven CPPs to continue with a long researched and responsibly managed pain medication. That the Colleges have been allowed to this is reprehensible and irresponsible. I am sickened by a system that I've had to fight against to get proper diagnosis. All of my life in fact. The number of incompetent Drs, nurses / nps is far higher than ever documented. To be so bold faced lied to and to have been so disrespectfully treated is beyond my capacity to let go of. To treat me as if I don't know my options, to assume I've not used or explored them and to assume that I just rely on my pain meds is disgusting of any practitioner. That I know more about my condition than she does, that my back is not an issue but my lungs are and for her to assume she has it under control is arrogant and negligent. To create a disharmonious dishonest environment which is causing me untold stresses is deliberate abuse.

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