Marrying someone who has a daughter the same age as me

  • My fiance is 49 years old and has a daughter the same age as me; I’m 25. I’ve already met her and to be honest we haven’t really bonded nor got to know each other. We’ll be married in 2 months and I want things between me and his daughter to be comfortable and good. I hope that she’ll be able to understand that I do love her father.

    It’s understandable for her to probably not like the idea that her father and I met through a singles tour held by A Foreign Affair and the fact that I am foreign. But what her father and I have is something that’s real and serious. I genuinely fell in love with him and I want to be happy by his side; I want to make him happy as well.

    I just want to get some advice or suggestions on how I should approach his daughter… we are the same age but our situation is completely different. Please, give me some ideas on how I should make things with her.

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