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  • Hello fellow Live Plan Be users. I’m the Live Plan Be forum moderator. :smiley: You’ll see me here from time to time post new topics, help get the discussion going, provide resources, or just listen. We all need someone to listen, once in a while. I’m also here to help if you have any questions about the forum itself, how it works, or if you’re experiencing technical difficulties. I’ll try my best to help, and you can expect a response in a day or two. Please do keep the forum’s etiquette guidelines in mind whenever you post:

    Feel free to ask questions, debate important issues, post your thoughts for the day on your pain journey, the latest pain article, or anything you’d like the Live Plan Be community to weigh in on. The forum is a great place to discuss important topics that matter to you— even some that may be contentious. This is a safe place to do all that, as well as seek support. Remember, you are not alone!

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  • @Coach_SSI Welcome! We're glad you're here.

  • Hi. I am just new to this site to help manage pain i have had for over 30 years from inflammatory bowel disease. I hope to keep up with my self care plan, and trying the action planning site to set goals. I am hoping to use this forum as my accountability partner

  • @rebeccagee Welcome Rebecca!

  • hey everyone, I heard about this from my friend Pamela. Happy to be here.

  • @ReenieG Thanks for the update, @ReenieG. It's great to hear that you and your husband make such a good team. It is really encouraging to hear about his resolve and strength. Admirable indeed!

    Sorry to hear about your finance situation -- have you tried our Connect for Health line? Perhaps our volunteers can give you some extra advice beyond what you have already found out. Take care.

  • @Forum_Moderator Hi Moderator: We are doing ok. He had a lot of back pain this weekend, which he finds the worst pain, so it was a fairly quiet weekend, again.

    The stress of waiting for Long Term to determine whether to pay or not is excruciating. He has not had income since mid June. When people are already struggling so much with other issues, to me, finances should not have to be an issue but then I don't work for insurance! We muck along in life as best as we can, just like everyone else. Hubby is very strong and refuses to give up. I find it interesting as I stress so much about things but he is the one with all the pain. He helps to keep me going!! Somehow that doesn't seem right to me, but maybe others here will understand that better than I. I believe with the amount of pain people endure, they need a different kind of resolve and strength to make it through each day. So very admirable.

  • @ReenieG Hi Reenie, sorry to hear about your husband. How are you two doing today?

    If your husband likes podcasts, he could check out our Pain Waves Radio channel -- lots of interviews with people in pain, pain specialists, etc.

    Take care.

  • @hutchman Hi, thanks for posting. Hopefully you can find some connections here on the Forum.

  • Hi, I'm here looking for support for my husband. He was in a MVA February 2014 and has had chronic pain since. Actually, he had chronic pain from Fibromyalgia before the accident but was able to work and found a way to function. Since 2014 he has had to learn how to manage a new intensity to the Fibromyalgia pain plus chronic headaches; a head injury.

    As I'm sure you are all aware and have/are also dealing with, this has turned our lives upside down, all around and sideways! He's not much of a reader but hopefully we can find something here.

    Thank you for listening.

  • Hi, I'm 35 and living in constant back pain right now. I am trying to rehabilitate from an injury but it is taking a really long time. I'm looking to connect with people to expand my circle and find joy again in life...we don't always have to talk about pain right? Wishing you the best. ☺

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