How to get rid of back pain?

  • I'm suffering from severe back pain for the past one year. Any tips to get rid of it?

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  • Hi, Robin, Suffering for such a long time with back pain can be so discouraging, and it sounds like you are really looking for some "magic bullet that will take it all away. I think all of us who live with chronic pain can empathize with you, and I know I myself spent a lot of my energy trying to "get rid of it." One thing you might want to think about is looking for tips to make you feel better and the pain more liveable, rather than trying to get rid of it. Perhaps that would be more realistic and doable. Think up all the things you do enjoy and that make you feel the most relaxed. We are all so different. I used to write down everything I could think of that might help and then referred to the list to keep up my spirits and focus for awhile on something other than the pain. Hope this helps!

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