Met with an accident!

  • Hi,

    A week ago, I met with an accident when I was on the way to my office. As usual, I took my car to reach the workplace. I didn't feel anything different about the car then, and I was careful in driving.

    I am confused about the things then happened. My car got hit by a car which was on my way. I am sure, I haven't made any mistake. But, I couldn't understand how it occurred. By God's grace, nothing happened to the people in both the vehicles. But, my car got damaged a lot.

    I am planning for an accident claim. But, as I am not sure about the nature of the accident, I am not much confident to move legally. I have searched a lot to get more information and came to know that a car accident lawyer in Toronto could help me.

    Before consulting them, could you please share your opinion on moving for a claim? Reply awaited. Thanks in advance!

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