Treatment to reduce anxiety

  • I am a divorcee and I stay in Toronto. My children use to stay with me. My children used to go and spend weekends with their father. During this time, I developed a condition called monophobia (fear of being left alone). As soon as they leave the house, I would have panic attacks.

    I am very scared to be at home alone. My eldest son couldn't bear to see me suffering and moved out at 16 to live with his girlfriend. My other two children stay with me. They looked after me in a way that I can never repay. They never asked me anything in return. Last day, my youngest son told me that medical marijuana cannabis is very effective in treating anxiety.

    He has not requested me to undergo the treatment. I am in a confusion. I think that he indirectly meant that it would be better if I underwent treatment from there. What do you guys think? Should I undergo a treatment for reducing anxiety?

  • Hi Shaile,
    My name is Johnyboy, I suffer from chronic pain which is anxiety induced. My family doctor suggested that I try medical marijuana, or CBD in a pill form. I smoked it from a vaporizer for around 3 years. It felt like I was doing very well in the beginning months. I realized after a few years that I was getting worse, I found my self panicking over very small things like, mapping in my mind every corner, light, intersection etc. before I start to dive my car to my destinations. Anything that was negative had a profound effect on me emotionally. I also came to the realization that I was smoking to often.I quit completely 4 months ago, and it was hell to say the least. It has taken up to a few weeks ago to no longer feel the effects from marijuana. I feel so much better and more in control of my pain. I do have a addictive personality, and have to be very conscious of anything that could be problematic for me.

    My advice is, learn self meditation, try to worry less, think and do things that naturally feel good (Lots of walking). When you go to bed at night, don't let the feeling that something is in the room. Tell yourself that it is only good and think of loving thoughts. This helped me to get to sleep in a relaxed manner.

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