Pain from Sprain

  • I’m a ballet artist. I currently live with my aunt in Burlington. Yesterday my knees sprained as I awkwardly landed from a jump. I’m having a play next week but I don’t think I’ll make it because of this sprain. I’m icing this frequently and am trying every possible thing I could do to reduce the pain. I’ve fixed an appointment at a nearest sports injury clinic. They offer effective treatment options for sprain and strain injuries. I talked with the physician there and sought advice regarding the aftercare and precautions to prevent the pain. My legs are pretty weakened that I’m not able to stand and walk. I can’t even move my knees. Even when I rest, there persists a dull ache. I’m feeling unwell and depressed because of this. I can’t believe I’m not going to perform next week. It’s been my long term dream. Have anyone here had similar conditions? How long will this take to heal? I’ve heard that applying pressure on the injured area helps to reduce swelling. Is that true? Kindly share your views.

  • @ashpete thinking of you at this time

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