Eye pain and dryness

  • Hi there,

    I am from Toronto. My daughter was wearing glasses for a long time and shifted to using contact lenses. But as she complained that she was feeling irritated while using lenses. So recently, she has undergone laser eye surgery in Toronto. After a few days, she has complained that her eyes are paining and getting dry often. So again, we took her to the eye clinic. The doctor told it is common in some people that they will have symptoms of dry eyes after laser eye surgery. And he prescribed eyedrops. I doubt whether this dryness is temporary or not. Will it change as time goes? Has anyone experienced this? How long it takes to recover from eye pain? Will it require any further treatment? Please share your opinions.

    Thank you.

  • My mom underwent eye surgery on both eyes at seperate times..her one eye was dry and sore for a few mi the after, but eventually cleared up to being normal..during that time she was under some stress and wasn't getting proper sleep..her eye dr said it was normal just usually not that long.. she does use tears regularily now that she's in her 80's and has had further surgery on both eyes for cataracts. Hope that helps.

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