Fibromyalgia and chronic pain

  • I’ve just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I went to a doctor yesterday and I was not able to stand up even for more than 10-15 minutes. I was feeling so tired and lightheaded that I need to lie down somehow. The doctor did the check up and prescribed Tapentadol. Mostly it was prescribed for chronic pain and a lot like hydrocodone. I am a single mom and have dealt with lots of pain mentally. I try to be strong for myself and my only daughter. She isn’t little but I hate worrying her. She just breaks into tears when she sees me crying in pain.
    Now the condition has gone worse. I am having mild nausea and bad muscle aches in my back, stomach and chest. The doctor whom I consulted before did the bloodwork and the tests showed that my CK level was abnormal(556), where the normal is between 17-170. After diagnosing me, she referred me to a massage therapist. I was searching online for a registered clinic which offers massage therapy services in Toronto and I found one. But before that I would like to know if anyone here has actually been through a similar situation. It will be great if you could share here about the training, experience, and credentials of the massage therapist you are considering.
    The high CK levels and my chronic muscle pain are making me worried too much. Any input from someone who knows more about this would be much appreciated. Thank You.

  • Hi Jessica654
    Sorry to hear that your condition has gotten worse. Are you taking any vitamins such as Magnesium Malate or Citrate to help muscle relaxation, as well as Omega 3s which can help reduce inflammation? Maybe you should try these and see if they will give you any relief. They have been helping me so far. All the best!

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