Chronic back pain and now shoulder too!

  • Hi I just came across this forum. I have been off work for over a year with back pain and severe sciatica that has left most of one leg and foot numb with electrical tingling sensation. I find I have to be very careful about what I do so as not to overdo it and leave me out of commission for days. I can't sit for any length of time. I have a couple herniated discs in my back and have been waiting for an MRI. For the most part I stay pretty positive and have learned to live with the pain and work around it to still have some enjoyable life. This week my shoulder acted up. They think maybe frozen shoulder. It's so incredibly painful that I could barely stand the pain. It sent me down into a negative place. Feeling sorry for myself and like my body is broken and fear that the rest of my life will be like this. I'm just here looking for some support and encouragement.

  • My mother had a similar problem and message therapy helped her to overcome that. Try it.

  • Try massage therapy. I had similar situation and massage therapy did wonders.

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