Pain relief workout plans

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  • Hello Rebecca,

    I am personally a sufferer of chronic pain from a car accident. I learned how to use yoga to not only subside my pain but heal my injuries and make me stronger then I was pre-accident. As a result, I became a yoga instructor and have a passion to help people who are suffering from chronic pain using yoga.

    I am launchin my business and doing market research. All particpants in the market research will recieve a Starbucks Gift Card.

    I am looking for individuals in their 30-40s (preferably) who suffer from chronic pain from a sugical procedure, work-place injury or car accident that are willing to try yoga to help with their pain management.

    All you would have to do is have a quick "interview" with me where I ask a few questions, nothing personal about your injuries. To participate, please contact me at

    Thank you!


  • @rebeccagee There are some really great articles on paced activities in the education section of this site. Check them out here!

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