How can be child be recovered from his pain?

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    I am a single mom of a 12 years boy who has hearing problems. His left ear is not functioning properly compared to the right ear. I don’t know when the issue started exactly but I think it all started in the last year when he started to complain that his teachers are not loud enough. I thought he was just being lazy in the classroom. Anyway, his scores were not as good as it used to be. His hearing disability has really affected his performance at school. I am really worried now.

    I want to take him to someone who is an expert in hearing aid solutions and has some experience with treating school going kids. When I searched on the internet, I found this. But, I don't know whether to go to them or not since I have no experience with them.

    If any of you guys know about them, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I have hearing loss in one ear and I was in denieal for sometime. It is embarrassing TO ASK SOMEONE TO REPEAT WHAT THEY SAID . . I was lucky to have a Genral MD refer me for proper teasting. It really does healp to have a baseline and then you can get a professional referral.

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