This is tough.

  • But I've come to realize it's really important. I have to keep trying people out and if it's not a fit, move on. I don't know. I sort of trust my gut but try to give it some time. The issue is just finding anyone who can understand what you are going through in the first place. It took me YEARS to find people I'm comfortable understand my issues and actually help me. There's only so much money so they people have to be the right ones.

  • @KamloopsLupie I don't need a family doc. They are the QB...or they should be. Keep on a waiting list. Regardless...I'm sure you've done your research but have you tried cannibis for lupus? I have seen some good posts on the internet...though I don't have lupus myself.

  • @KamloopsLupie No problem! Hopefully they can offer some solutions for you.

  • @Forum_Moderator I have talked to Connect for Health. At that time, they gave me suggestions that I had already tried. I didn't realize that they could help me find a new doctor. I have now sent an email to Connect for Health. Thanks.

  • @KamloopsLupie Hi, sorry to hear about your family doctor troubles. It sounds like you are feeling a bit disjointed having so many specialists. Have you already tried our Connect for Health program? Maybe the volunteers there can see if they can help connect you with a new doctor.

  • @hutchman Yes my family doc is a real jerk and it stresses me to go see him so I just don't. I feel that because of my history and having so many specialists that I need a family doc to be the central point that has all my information. I guess I should just drop him and go without a family doc because there are no doctors taking new patients in Kamloops. I don't know what else to do.

  • Wow. Omg what a story. It sounds like your family doc is a real jerk. You need to get rid of him/her pronto. Bad energy, and they're pulling you down even more. Don't give up though. There ARE good caring doctors out there. Maybe next time you call an office looking for a new doctor, don't tell them you have such a history. Just tell them you are looking for someone taking new patients... That's it.. No other details...or get on the waiting list otherwise. Start being selfish putting yourself first! Good luck. ☺

  • @OrchidNinja Thanks for your input. I couldn't find anyone to pay so I got my psychiatrist to fill it out for free. I've also applied to a grant and a rent subsidy. Now is just the waiting until I hear back from anyone.

  • @KamloopsLupie Hi, I'm totally new to this forum and just reading your story and hearing your frustration can totally relate. I think it's great that you have a binder, I do the same thing, keep doing that, be as accountable as you can...they'll eventually see that you know what you're talking about, and they can see your history and make their own judgements. (Ex:Your dilaudid prescription lasting so long)

    Can you find a social worker to help with those letter fees?? That's a thought I had...I'm sure you've tried that, but just a thought.


  • @KamloopsLupie I'm really sorry to hear that. If you would be willing to try again, I'm sure we could get someone else to look at your never know what a different person might come up with. If you would like to contact me at or, I could look into this more and connect you to the right people. You do matter and we don't want you to "slip through the cracks."

  • @Tammy_Admin I have been in touch with Connect for Health and he told me that it seems that I have tried everything that he could think of. He also suggested some things that he thought would be available to me. Since my daughter was with me at the time I got the call and she has experience with services in the city for homeless and less fortunate people, anything that he suggested either wasn't available here or I had already tried it. At the end of our conversation, he told me that there was no suggestions he had for me. That's hard for me especially as I feel hopeless already and then to have him confirm that for me. I'm one of the people that slips through the cracks. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  • @KamloopsLupie you've been through so much. I'm really sorry you've had these trying experiences. It won't solve everything, but I wonder if you have been in touch with Pain BC's Connect for Health program? It is free and they will help you with things like filling out forms, making sure you're receiving the financial assistance you're entitled to, etc...basically everything that goes on outside the doctor's office. Call them toll free at 1-844-430-0818 (call 24/7 and leave a message) or email

    You can read more about Connect for Health here:

    If you tell them what you're going through, they will be able to help you with a lot of the practical challenges you are facing. Best of luck and take care.

  • I have a good group of specialists atleast for the most part. My problem is with my family doctor. After my recent dealings with him, I have realized that I'm just a dollar sign to him. I have lupus and many other diagnoses. I need my family doctor to make sure that everything is helping me. I don't need him to tell me that because I have lupus that I need to talk to my rheumatologist about anything lupus related. I'm to talk to my neurologist about nerve pains, the kidney clinic for kidney related, my pain doctor for anything pain related, etc. Who am I suppose to talk to when I don't know what my symptoms are about???? I keep a binder of all my blood test results for taking to emerg or another doctor. I've asked my family doctor for copies of any specialist report that he gets. He wants $15 per page!!! I'm on disability and with PWD not paying anything besides rent and my bills, I've been looking for other ways to get money. I want to apply for the disability tax credit so I took my forms to my family doctor. He wants $120 to fill them out!! I can't even afford food so am I suppose to get behind in my bills just so I can pay him???? I told him that I can't get any funding to pay that and he said "I'm not gonna do it for nothing!". As there are no other family doctors taking patients in Kamloops, I have talked to walk in clinics about taking me on as a patient. Their response "We don't have time for that committment, that's what family doctors are for." I don't know what to do anymore and am getting so tired (both physically and emotionally) that I've given up. Now I just suffer in silence because I can't go to emerg as my family doctor has told them that I'm a drug seeker!!! I'm looking for some relief from my pain, not looking to get high. A 30 day prescription of hydromorphone lasted me over 6 months. I'm not an abuser of pain meds but there is only so much pain that I can put up with!! Does anyone know anything that I can do that I haven't already done??? Thanks for any help.

  • Hi @SCIpain. It's so true that finding the right treatment team is really important. Your advice to keep trying, and move on when it's not a good fit is such a good reminder. It's important to find professionals that can listen, and help advocate for us. Maybe even listening is enough, some days.

    When you do change health providers or treatment professionals, do you have any tips to ease the process? Do you ask for a copy of your own file, or ask them to email you their notes?

    Does anyone else have other tips to share for searching for "the right fit" in a treatment team?

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