Another research opportunity: "Immersive Media as an Adjunctive Therapy to Chronic Pain in Cancer Patients." The study aims to determine if Virtual Reality (VR) therapy is effective as an adjunctive intervention in the management of chronic pain in cancer survivors.

Researchers are are looking to recruit 100 cancer survivors and those currently fighting cancer who are experiencing chronic pain (suffering pain for 6 months for more). There will be about 10 patients going through with the trial every month. There will be $300 incentive for all participants and those undertaking the VR experiences will get VR equipment set up in their homes.

For more information:
Crystal Sun (Project Manager)
UBC School of Nursing
Phone: 604-822-7679
Email: crystal.sun[at] ubc. ca

Here is a CBC article on VR in chronic pain treatment featuring one of the researchers of this study, Dr. Diane Gromala.